Thursday, May 25, 2006
X-Men 3 - The Last Stand.[c a s t] pt 1..

mkay...fix update blog atas permintaan ok k..ceria saje...hehe...saje nk kenalkan watak mutant yg cam baru nk muncul utk siri ketiga ni...truskan bace..all in english k..

Real Name:John Allderoyce

Mutant Name:Pyro

Affiliations:Current-The Brotherhood of Mutant Past-THE X-MEN

Remarks:Close friends of Bobby Drake aka ICEMAN and Rogue..following the destruction at Alkali Lake..Subjest defected from Xavier's group to join MAGNETO and his Brotherhood of Mutant

Powers:Can control fire allowing it to grow in size..intensity..shape and direction..Cannot create fire but requires only a smallest sparks to ignite..Carries special cigarretes lighter with him all the time...

Real Name:Katherine Pryde

Mutant Name:Kitty Pryde

Affiliations:Xavier's Shool Of Gifted Youngsters

Remarks:Personally recruited by Xavier to attend class at his school for gifted youngsters..present during incident at Xavier's..but not as an active member of The X-MEN...Status as a full-fledge member of The X-MEN is uknown at this time

Powers:Can phase (pass) through solid object by becoming intangible...Ability to use phasing to absorb energy blasts or attacks...Ability to use phasing powers to move others through objects and surface...Phasing also allows Kitty to disrupt electronic...

Real Name:Warren Worthington 111

Mutant Name:Angel


Remarks:Born in to a family of wealth and power..Attended prestigious East Coast Boarding School..The son of a pharmaceutical tycoon Warren Worthington 11 (Worthington Labs)..Subject and his family have had great difficulty accepting his mutant abilities and have use special harness to conceal the wings behinds his back

Powers:Anatomy has addapted itself for flight with natural wings with a 16' wingspan...Wings have superhumans strength and the ability to lift 500 lbs in addition to his own weight...All aspects of his own anatomy are adapted for flight including his eyes..respiration and bones..

Real Name:Unknown

Mutant Name:Callisto

Affiliations:The Omega Muties

Remarks:Has the "OMEGA" symbol tattooed on her face..Was born in the Domonican Republic..Immigrated to the U.S as an infant..Grew up in Washington Heights..New York City..where she honed her skills as a fighter and a hunterLeader of a group of a mutant outcasts that exist as part of an underground network that stretches across the nation...

Powers:Super Human senses...can detect an electrical anergy spike grom miles away..can detect the presence of other mutants based on their energy projection...superb hunter and track...

To Be Continue...

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