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X-Men 3 - The Last Stand.[c a s t] pt 2..
huhu...sambungan dari 1st post...kang takut wat skali satu post byk2 hang plak blog ni nnt cam blog anik...wakaka...mkay...yg b4 diz fix ltk muke2 agak junior arr...kali ni sambung ngn senior k..pasni ade lg junior rasenye..hehe..

Real Name:Logan

Mutant Name:Weapon-X..Wolverine..

Affiliations:The X-MEN

Remarks:Subjects's history prior to joining The X-MEN is spotty at best..prior to joining The X-MEN..Logan maintain a low profile..generally keeping to himself and living a nomadic lifestyle..never putting down roots in one place for too long..has suspected ties to Western and Northern Canada as well as Tokyo Japan...Is uncontrollable and unpredictable in battle and prone to berserker rage..Has had trained in multiple forms of martial arts and weaponry

Powers:Heightened senses..greater sense of and hearing than that of normal humans...Accelerated healing factor..can heals surface wounds in minutes and extensive injuries in a matter of hours...Skelaton laced with indestructable metal known as adamantium..posesses three retractable adamantium claws housed in either forearm..can release claws through his skin between the knuckles on each hands...

Real Name:Ororo Munroe

Mutant Name:Storm

Affiliations:The X-MEN

Remarks:Prior to joining the X-MEN Ororo Monroe lived first as a street urchin relying on skills as a petty thieves and pickpocket to survive..following the manifestation of her powers..she was worshipped as a weather goddess by the native african tribes before being approached by Prof Charles Xavier to join his mutant strike force known as the X-MEN...Linked to attacks on the Statues of Liberty..Westchester Train Station..and destruction at Alkali Lake..

Powers:Can sense and influence meteorological energu patterns..ranging from small temperature changes such as wind and rain to larger phenomenon such as snow and even tornadoes...Can generate and project Lightning form her body...Can fly by creating strong enough wind to support her body...

Real Name:Scott Summers

Mutant Name:Cyclops

Affiliations:The X-MEN (field leader)

Remarks:Was Xavier's first pupil at his School For Gifted Youngsters and was romantically linked with Jean Grey...Linked to attacks on the Statue Of Liberty..Westchester Train Station and the destruction at the Alkali Lake

Powers:Ability to project optical blasts from his eyes..these are heatless blasts of concussive force..which Cyclops is able to controll with incredible and deadly force...Cyclops destructive powers in uncharted..possibly strong enough to punch holes in a mountain...

Real Name:Marie...last name is unknown

Mutant Name:Rogue

Affiliations:The X-MEN

Remarks:Runaway taken under the wing of Xaviers and enrolled in the School fot Gifted Youngsters..Is romantically involved with Bobby Drake aka ICEMAN...and has a close relationship with Logan aka WOLVERINE...

Powers:Can absorb energy of anyone that she comes into skin-to-skin contact with..for humans this means absorbing their life force..which ususally results in a vegetative state for the victim..When in contact with mutants Rogue may briefly "borrow" their abilities..the length of time she posesses the powers seems to depend on how long she maintains skin contact with the victim..

To Be Continue...

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